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Our Background, your Future.

CECAPTA was created in 1999 as a Training Center for Motor Transport Operators in Mexico, and we currently have a 1 Training Center and 5 branches strategically located Nation wide.

We use only top of the edge training technology such as very realistic simulator to ensure our new drivers receive the confidence and skills needed before we place them on the real hands-on practice training.

Our Credentials


Certified by the Departament of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport SICT as a training center to obtain an International Federal Driver´s License to drive in Mexico, United States and Canada.

ISO 9001-2015

Certified in the ISO 9001-2015 quality standard. It is an International Standard which purpose is to achieve customer satisfaction by establishing continuous improvement process whitin in.

National Safety Council

Proud member of the National Safety Council since 03/26/2014

Powerful Yearly Performance

Recognized by the NSC in 2015 for a Poweful Yearly Performance.


Satisfied Clients


Training Operators


Experience years


Monitoring is now available in Beta for Enterprise.

How CECAPTA can help you?

CECAPTA analyze our client´s needs to define their drivers profile and then we carry out the selection, recruitment and training to deliver the most qualified drivers to fit their needs.

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Over 16.000+ companies trust our services and they are optimistic that they will be the best in the world.

Providing profesional drivers

As all companies and drivers are unique, there´s no one-size-fits-all formula to reducing driver turnover but you´re not alone in facing driver recruitment we will tailor our services to fit your needs.


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Tailored to our customer´s needs

Medical and psychological evaluation

Driving record

Non-criminal background


Theoretical and practical courses in:

NSC Defensive Driving

Maneuvers in transfering areas

Efficient Driving


Processing of the H2B VISA before the American Consulate.


Focused on the daily routine of a Truck driver .

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